DirectSSO is an Open Source Single Sign-On framework by Bitmotion. Ir provides seamless integration of third-party applications into a frontend of your choice - e.g. TYPO3.


  • Access to Third Party Applications with no additional logon
  • Role-based integration of the TPA into TYPO3 navigation or content
  • A sophisticated three-layer security architecture
  • No need for server-to-server communication, no need for central reverse proxies
  • No need for a common / shared / synchronized password database or even user database


For DirectSSO, Bitmotion implemented a security framework that consists of

  • SSO Server (the TYPO3 extension),
  • SSO Agents and
  • SSO Adapters for the TPA to be integrated.

For more information, please see the architectural overview.

Or you may also want start with the DirectSSO whitepaper.