DirectSSO is an Open Source Single Sign-On framework by Bitmotion. Ir provides seamless integration of third-party applications into a frontend of your choice - e.g. TYPO3.

This page is highly outdated - but DirectSSO is not!

Our apologies: Due to other priorities we still did not bring the long-awaited relaunch of this website online.

However, DirectSSO is alive and kicking, so please feel free to contact us directly if you consider using if for your TYPO3 (or other) project.

Latest fun project: Connecting Neos to a TYPO3 portal :)


  • Access to Third Party Applications with no additional logon
  • Role-based integration of the TPA into TYPO3 navigation or content
  • A sophisticated three-layer security architecture
  • No need for server-to-server communication, no need for central reverse proxies
  • No need for a common / shared / synchronized password database or even user database


For DirectSSO, Bitmotion implemented a security framework that consists of

  • SSO Server (the TYPO3 extension),
  • SSO Agents and
  • SSO Adapters for the TPA to be integrated.

For more information, please see the architectural overview.

Or you may also want start with the DirectSSO whitepaper.